Oscar Namatjira (1922-1991)

Oscar was born in 1922. He attended mission school before joining the Army Labor Gang in 1942. Three years later he returned to the mission and took up painting. One of Oscars first jobs was to drive his fathers truck.

Oscar would drive Albert to his various painting spots and leave him with painting supplies. Oscar would then head off to visit the camps of family and friends. This routine lasted for about a year until the truck became so damaged from the rough dirt tracks that it had to be garaged.

Oscars work was perhaps most strongly influenced by his fathers. His landscapes are beautifully drafted and coloured. Early works display a delicate palette and capture subtle changes of light and shadow on the landscape. Oscars best work is comparable to Alberts for technique and beauty. His ghost gums are also masterly executed. Early works were signed Oskar Namatjira.