Edwin Pareroultja (1918-1986)

Edwin was born on the 23rd of October 1918. As a young man he was physically fit and excelled at all sports especially running. Edwins remarkable ability as a runner was demonstrated at a Red Cross sports meeting in Alice Springs, 1944. The only runner off scratch Edwin won both the 130yrd and 75yrd barefoot against the best runners from the Army and Allied Works. He competed on a few other occasions but received little encouragement.

Edwin began painting in 1943, his first attempt astounding Rex Battarbee, The greatest impression any artist has ever made on me was on 25th October 1943, when Edwin showed me his first watercolour, Rex Battarbee, Modern Australian Aboriginal Art, 1951. Battarbee encouraged Edwin to develop his own style and not to emulate that of Albert. His first solo exhibition was opened on the 12th of November 1946 at the Athenaeum Art Gallery, Melbourne. Edwin was inspired by the symmetries and patterns found in nature. This is evident in the form of parallel ranges and decorative shrubbery. This design quality resembles traditional Arrernte symbolism where parallel and circular lines move in harmony. Note. Early works 1943/44 were signed, Edwin Bareroultja.