Enos Namatjira (1920-1966)

Enos was born in 1920. He attended mission school before finding work as a camel boy. One of his first jobs as a cameleer was in 1938 when he was commissioned by his father and Battarbee to accompany them on a painting trip into the MacDonnell Ranges.

Enos took up watercolour painting in 1945. His early enthusiasm to paint in watercolour had been slowed due to his father having a tribal obligation to give more assistance to Walter Ebatariinja. Enos was a keen contributor to the Hermannsburg handicraft initiative and decorated his carved boomerangs with lively scenes depicting wildlife.

Enos persevered with his art and by the late 1940s had developed his own distinct style. Battarbee cited that this was a factor of him living away from his fathers artistic influence on a reserve West of Herrmannsburg. His landscapes are vibrantly painted with stylised brushwork and expressive colours, often favoring moody blue and purple toning. He produced a few figurative works on paper which depicted hunting scenes with tribesman, emus and wild dogs.