Ewald Namatjira (1930-1984)

Ewald was born the third son of Albert and Rubina on the 11th of July 1930. As a young child Ewald would often complain of ill health and was subsequently allowed to spend more time at home or on painting trips with his father.

Ewald took up painting in 1947. His first work surprised Pastor Albrecht who had thought Ewald to have little artistic abilty. Rex Battarbee noted that Ewald showed a lot of ability and originality in his early artwork and credited it for its atmosperic and decorative qualities. This is especially evident in his early works in which his landscapes display interesting patterns and design qualities.

In July 1949, at the age of 19, Ewald was involved in a hunting accident with a rifle which caused the loss of sight in his right eye. Ewald recovered from the injury and continued to paint but to some degree it altered his abilities and the direction of his style. In some of Ewalds later work the landscape has a slanted appearance. One of the strengths was his colouration where he employed deep reds, purples, ochres and vivid golds.

Language Group: Western Arrernte

Skin: Peltharre


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